Our goal is to promote product visibility in the market place, by crafting a long term and sustainable brand identity.

We strive to promote product visibility, by building exceptionally strong and competitive identities, which are relevant to our client’s missions.


We work hard to develop fresh, innovative and cutting edge designs, which will stand out from the rest, and spark the interest of your clients.


We are here to ensure that your website has a powerful first impression, and provides your viewers with a positive experience across all platforms.


We see the bigger picture, which is why we emphasis the most minimal detail, to ensure our final product reflects functionality and drives response.


15 years of producing contemporary and high-quality brand development.
Our mission is to provide high quality design tailored for each client.

As a full service design agency, we help our clients achieve their vision by creating robust looks that are creative and innovative. MEK Design goes above and beyond to meet the qualities needed to create a remarkable product. We are a team of quick thinkers and creative designers, who place client relationships and client communication on the top of our priority list. Our goal at MEK Design is simple — we strive to promote product visibility in the market place, by crafting a long term and sustainable brand. We have proven success throughout our many years of experience, and we ensure our marketing solutions are always at the forefront of good design!

  • 100% Minority Owned & Operated

    Established in 2001 by Mexican Immigrant, Miguel Elias

  • Goal to reach 500

    With our sights set on reaching 500 clients, MEK Design has had the pleasure of working with 300+ wonderful clients.

  • Client Retention

    We always put our clients first. From small budgets to multi-million dollar campaigns, we believe in customer service.

  • Dedication to our Craft

    We are dedicated to providing our clients with high quality strategies, services and products.


We are not a "TEAM" because we work together. We are a team because we "RESPECT" each other.
CEO | Founder
Miguel Elias| CEO, brings over 15 years of experience crafting unique and award winning designs. His portfolio extends to nation-wide organizations, federal, state and local candidates, universities, national brands, corporations and individuals.
Helena Magaña
Graphic Designer
Born and raised in Mexico, Helena moved at age 15 to Oregon. Her passion for arts and crafts at a young age as well as her bi-cultural background lead her into pursuing a career in graphic design. Since then, she has produced creative solutions for nationwide campaigns as well as local clients.
Edgar Ortega
Graphic Designer
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Edgar moved to Portland at a young age. He grew up painting and drawing and went to college for graphic design. Since graduating he has pursued a career in graphic arts and photography; continuing to learn and develop his skills.
Nicole Light
Graphic Designer
Born and raised in Portland, Oregon, Nicole has always been a creator, from art to music, and any mediums in between. This passion for creating is what drives her design career today. In her design, she is influenced by her Filipino heritage and love of cultures. Currently, she focuses on creating purposeful designs while continually growing as a designer.
Carrissa Baltezore
Graphic Designer
Born and raised in San Jose, CA, Carrissa moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue her career as a graphic designer. She loves to illustrate and explore diverse styles of art. Her passion is being able to bring ideas and dreams to life by analysis and creative thinking.


"In my book each client is unique and irreplaceable..." Miguel Elias |CEO



Work with a purpose.